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the Law Office of Hélène Carvallo
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devoted to Family Law
& based in New York City.

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Who we are

Carvallo Family Law

The Law Office of Hélène Carvallo

focuses on international practice for married and unmarried couples in all areas of family law, including cross border estate planning and inheritance cases.

To better serve our transnational clients, we count on a network of excellent professionals on both sides of the Atlantic who support our team when specific expertise and local intervention is needed.


Hélène Carvallo is a French attorney residing in New York, dedicated to international family affairs.

Having herself a family scattered among different countries and continents, her personal life has taught her the cultural wealth of international families

Admitted to the bar associations of Paris and New York, her extensive professional experience and personal transnational life give her practical knowledge to anticipate and remediate many legal complications multicultural or international families may face through marriage, having children abroad, overcoming separation, surviving divorce or death.

She is a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) and was recently appointed to be a Knight of the French National Order of Merit.

"Though court litigation may be necessary,
I seek to encourage settlement and mediation."
- Hélène Carvallo

We are driven by values.

Having a transnational family myself draws me closer to the challenges my transnational clients experience. 

Though court litigation may be necessary, I seek to encourage settlement and mediation. I strive to provide responsive, attentive and knowledgeable answers to my clients questions.

I am committed to constantly reevaluate my performance through valuable client feedback and the in depth study of each case outcome.”

Hélène Carvallo, NYC, 2021.

We are here for you.

Client Testimonials

"Maître Carvallo is a lawyer as professional as human. She was very responsive in my case. It was a difficult one concerning international abduction of children.She was extremely competent on this subject. (...) Maître Carvallo listens to her clients and is fully aware of the financial difficulties that certain cases can cause. She will find the best solution to help you. "
Puy-de-Dôme, FR
"With ingenuity and assiduity, Ms Carvallo was able to optimize the stages of an American proceedings before the courts of NY, and to have a French court order domesticated in the United States. As a consequence, the defendant renounced appealing the order and paid the entire claim with accumulated interests. Icing on the cake, Ms Carvallo was able to get the defendant to cover my legal fees and get an advisement from the Grievance Committee. A long obstacle course, along which her reactivity and attentiveness were main assets".
Paris, FR
"Hélène Carvallo helped me and my family to find a path out of dire times. Her expertise, kindness and good sense of humor made our sorrow lighter and easier to bear. I will be forever thankful. Her mediation was crucial for the happy ending on both sides. Lucky of you, you found her!".
New York, USA


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